Veronica Toledo Maigne

  • Art Creator
  • Art Director
  • Films
  • Costume Design
  • Art on sale



  • Bilingual Secondary Education at the “Lycée Français” in Madrid
  • Fashion Design College Certificate from the Italian Fashion School in Madrid
  • Political Science Degree from the Complutense University Madrid


  • French (written and spoken)
  • English (written and spoken)
  • Italian (basic knowledge)


  • Co-founder partner of the film production companies Oedipus and Movie Workers
  • Co-founder partner of the Cadena Perpetun S.L, a rental company of wardrobe accessories for the audio-visual media
  • Owner partner of Peris s.t.c S.L. ,a rental and tailoring wardrobe company



  • “Histoire d’ elles” Eric Rochat (1983) Costume designer
  • “Rustler^s Rapsody” Hugh Wilson (1984) First asst costume designer
  • “Solar Babies” A Johnson/Mel Brooks (1985) First asst costume designer
  • “La Casa de Bernarda Alba” Mario Camus (1986) Asst costume designer
  • “Dead Line Madrid” John Patterson (1987) Asst. costume designer
  • “Moros y Cristianos” Luis G. Berlanga (1987) Art director
  • “La Forja de un Rebelde” Mario Camus (1989) Co-costume designer
  • “Honneymoon Academy “Gene Quintano (1990) Costume designer
  • “Bethune” Philip Borsos (1991) Costume designer
  • “Tango (TVE )” Miguel Hermoso (1991) Costume designer
  • “Incautos” Miguel Bardem (2002) Art director
  • “El Método” Marcelo Piñeyro (2004) Production designer
  • “Capitán” Alatriste T1 TV serial (2013) Costume designer
  • “Titan” Lennart Ruff (2015) Costume Supervisor


“La Sinfonía de los Mil” Alejandro Toledo (1982)
“Extralibur” Alejandro Toledo (1986)
“2.30 AM” Alejandro Toledo (1990)
“Decirte que te quiero” Juan Martínez (1994)
“Big Wendy” Juan Martínez (1997)
“Aliento” Daniel Azancot (2001)
“Habitación 10” Alejandro Toledo (2001)
“Videoclip Corazón Partío (Alejandro Sanz)” Alejandro Toledo (1998)
“Videoclip Alejandro Sanz and the Coors” Alejandro Toledo (2002)
“Videoclip Tengo Macaco” Rafael Sañudo (2009)


Design and direction of scenography for TV sports shows : El Dia Después and Pressing Boxeo on Canal Plus Channel


– With the Opera of Paris : spanish wardrobe consultant for Opera “Carmen” (1987)
– Set décor design at the Reina Sofia Centre (Madrid) for the Spanish Ministry promotion campaign “Food and Agriculture of Spain” (1989)
– Set décor and wardrobe design for the annual convention of Tapsa Advertising Agency
– Set décor design of the trade show booth of Spain at the International Food and Agriculture Show in Paris (1990)
– Wardrobe design for the documentary “The historical evolution of the Community of La Rioja for the Expo 92
– Wardrobe design for the documentary to promote the Spanish Ministry of Tourism for the Expo 92
– Collaboration in the Sponsor advertising campaign promoting the USA athletic team in the Olympic Games Barcelona 92
– Wardrobe shows design for the theme park “Parque España” in Shima/Japan in collaboration with the Disney Company park team of Los Angeles (1994)
– Design, conversion and decoration of the main offices of the company Oki Systems Iberica (1996)
– Jewelry designer for the film “Vatel” director Rolland Joffé ( 2000)
– Design of the coach and wardrobe for SerMás Institution for the Town Hall Christmas Parade of Madrid (2004)
– Collaboration as inspiring designer for the collection “Mujer” of the company Fernando Pozuelo ´s new landscape and furniture line (2017)
– Incorporation into the creation of our multidisciplinary art group Ilusionartízate (2017)


Commercial´s art director working for several advertising production companies (Alamo Films, Cuatro Cabezas, Puente Aereo, Dream Team, Team Works,
Brownie Film Company, Propaganda., Widescope Productions etc ) for international and national campaigns as Audi, BMW, Polo Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, EstrellaDamm, Adidas, Nike, Carlsberg, Kia, Coca-Cola, Olay, Turquish Airlines, Nescafé , Kellogs etc…

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